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The ICETD was set up in 2009 by Hans Arendse. He worked as a farrier at the time, and many horses with vague cripples were referred to him. Under the motto “the farrier finds a solution” Hans has started looking for the solution. In 2003 he ran into thermography and eventually developed this research technique to be able to apply to horses and thus to trace the real problems in the horses. Ultimately, this research technique was introduced on a larger scale in 2008 and in 2009 the idea arose to set up a training course, since this research technique was extremely effective, cost-saving, but also very unknown.

Together with  veterinarian Karin Leibbrandt DVM,  who followed him from 2006 onwards, they started to work and at present ICETD is the only real training center that offers a qualitative education.

Until 2016, the students were all of Dutch nationality, but in recent years students from different countries have joined. Hence the need to develop a course that can also be followed internationally and that is now underway.

From autumn 2018 onwards, a completely new concept of training will be put on the market, unique in this area and to be followed by students from all over the world.

The need for good certified thermographs is growing by the day. More and more horse owners discover the advantages of thermography. It is much cheaper than all other research techniques and you get immediate answers to all your questions. Are you going to buy a horse? Then it is effective to have a thermographic examination carried out, because if the horse has problems somewhere (whether or not it is soluble) then it can be visualized with thermography. Sometimes further research is needed, but within 2 hours you have a very good picture of the entire horse.

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