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Thermographic Evaluation Course

In our thermography evaluation course, much attention is paid to the anatomy of the horse. Of course, most study time will be spent on conducting research in which the interpretation of the images is of course very important. The result of the research stands or falls with a correct way of interpreting. After all, reading temperature differences in the recordings is still possible for most people. I myself have my 7-year-old niece who did well. But if you want to give the customer answers to his questions, you will have to have a lot more to offer. And you will not learn that in a few days.

Unfortunately, we see courses where a 4-day workshop is already sufficient to get a certificate

We assume a normal study duration of 2 years before you can be certified. There are, of course, exceptions, veterinarians who follow the (shorter)  course with us (and there have already been some) who can leave the anatomy modules to the left. Equine handlers can also receive exemption on various modules, but one thing remains the same for everyone and that is gaining experience. Gaining experience is so important to be able to make a correct interpretation of the images that we now know that this is only after about 100 researches. Of course, one goes faster than the other, we will take that into account.

You will notice it, it is not as simple as it looks, but we deliver custom work by seeing and treating everyone as an individual, so that we can achieve an optimal result.

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For this moment we can offer courses on the following conditions :

For foreign students, we currently offer a program that starts with an intensive 5 day course which is given to you on your location.

In this course, we deliver the textbooks (English version) and the necessary equipment you have ordered, you learn the basics, camera and software- operation, recording protocol and basic interpretation of the images.

After these 5 days you will start working as a student yourself, you will immediately start making series of photographs of horses and these will be worked out for yourself. You send these detailed images to us in a report and we will correct and supplement these reports.

Of course we will have very regular contact after the 5 day sessions via email, telephone or zoom.

Costs :

Basic training: during the entire course € 5950.00

Veterinary training: during the entire course € 3995,00

Lesson5days: travel and accommodation costs will be announced in advance, depending on the training location. Stay based on 3 star hotel.

IR camera with accompanying software (English version) € 5995,00

All prices are exclusive of VAT

Do you have a company, so a VAT number can be delivered on IC conditions and the VAT is shifted, if you do not have a company and no VAT number then the amounts are taxed additional with 21% VAT (sales tax).

For detailed information, contact us via email

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