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Thermographic course new style

In mid-2018 we will introduce a new design. Students are still following teaching days in Soest, soon that will all be possible at home. You can then study at your own pace and purchase the study modules per module. This means that you can decide for yourself how long or short you will be doing on the course. There will be about 15 videos with curriculum which also offers the advantage that the costs can easily be divided over a longer period of time. Depending on your prior knowledge, you will determine which modules you will have to purchase in order to control that substance.

There is also the possibility to buy study hours which can be followed via skype and thus will be 1: 1 for the highest possible efficiency.

A fixed fact is that students have to submit a minimum number of examinations which are corrected, this is completely digital. A final test that we will organize centrally twice a year will ultimately determine, together with the results of your studies, whether you will receive the certificate.

Further information will soon be available on this site.